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influencer marketing
How can restaurants use influencer marketing effectively?

Dec 03, 2018

I’m currently sitting in my dark home office with the rain absolutely thundering down outside, indulging in a little escapism by researching and making lists of influencers who would be...

social media for restaurants
5 reasons to get a social media manager

Oct 12, 2018

We all know that an active and engaged social media presence is a must for pretty much any business these days. The question is, should you pay someone to manage...

PR for small business
PR for small businesses

Sep 18, 2018

Recently I was asked (or I may have invited myself..) to help out with the Economy of Hours Weekender, by leading a couple of workshops for entrepreneurs on how to...

food photography
How to brief a food photographer

Nov 07, 2016

Content is king, we hear it all the time! And for food and restaurant marketers, a huge part of our content is beautiful, mouth-watering food photos to get your audience...

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