Nail your concept, define your key messages, find your audience and reach them. Whether it’s local residents, busy lunchers or international travellers.

A picture tells a thousand words – you need decent photography and lots of it, as well as words that describe what you’re about and why. We can establish or work with your tone of voice and create copy and images for social, websites, booking platforms, newsletters and anywhere else you have, or want to have a presence.

You need it. Whether it’s a presence that compliments your other marketing activity, or the basis of your marketing strategy, I’ll set up and run your accounts, generate followings and engagement, and keep the attention of the audience you want.

If you’d prefer a quick training session rather than a project or retainer, I run short marketing, PR and social media courses that might be a better fit for budget or time constraints.

Sessions are 3 hours, and cover a variety of topics, designed to help you reach your customers and get them buying..

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