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5 reasons to get a social media manager

social media for restaurants

We all know that an active and engaged social media presence is a must for pretty much any business these days. The question is, should you pay someone to manage your social media platforms? It’s great if you have a GM who’s good at taking photos at the pass, or someone in the office who can snap your new packaging, but there are quite a few benefits to having someone who’s dedicated to the task, particularly when things are busy and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

To scratch the surface a little:


A pro will create a strategic plan that ties into your other marketing activity. Rather than posting sporadically or randomly, they’ll have the time to make sure your images, menus, profile information and links are always up to date, and that you’re making the most of seasonal and local hooks – things so easily missed if you’re doing 1000 things at once, but could cost you opportunities/customers if they’re wrong. The businesses that get good results on social are the ones who have a solid content strategy and dedicated people to put it in place.


They’ll know the quirks of each platform, for example whether or not to use hashtags on Facebook (no) or how to direct people to a link on Instagram (bio), and how often to post on each (varies). They’ll know how to best use your assets for each channel, and get the best results.


If you’re looking to invest some of your budget into social campaigns then even more reason to get someone to help – I’ve seen clients waste their budget through targeting the wrong location, or not having the right call to action. The former is a total waste of time, the latter not necessarily a disaster, but if you’re putting hard-earned cash into it, make it work hard! You need to be researching, planning, creating beautiful content, scheduling it and following it up


Doing a good job on social media is time consuming! (Despite what a lot of people think…) The actual posting is the tip of the iceberg, you need to be researching, planning, creating beautiful content, scheduling it and following it up – replying to comments and engaging with followers. This is how you grow your following, and become known as a brand that has conversations with its followers, as opposed to just broadcasting.


If you’re using a marketing channel you should be monitoring its effectiveness, whether you pay for sponsored posts or not. If you do it, measure it. Analytics within platforms are extensive, and it’s not always obvious what to look for. Measuring the right variables and monitoring progress allows for tweaks and adjustments based on what’s performing well, and means you get the most you can out of each platform.

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PR for small businesses

PR for small business
Recently I was asked (or I may have invited myself..) to help out with the Economy of Hours Weekender, by leading a couple of workshops for entrepreneurs on how to do PR for small businesses.
Economy of Hours is an awesome concept that allows small businesses to buy and sell their time and skills, swapping and helping others out for help in return. It’s a great idea, and allows those in the early stages of business to get the resources they need without the outlay of freelancers/agencies.
When you’re CEO, marketing manager, sales, finance, new business and every other role there is, it can be really hard to do your PR yourself, and agency costs are generally out of reach. While it can definitely feel like a minefield, there are lots of small steps you can take to get in front of press and reach the audience you need.
While it can definitely feel like a minefield, there are lots of small steps you can take I shared some hard-learned lessons (e.g. don’t make the ‘did you receive my press release’ call), some templates (for press releases and content calendars) and answered loads of good questions.
I hope it was all helpful for the attendees, and it was great for me to meet so many interesting people. Definitely check Echo out if you’re looking to swap some skills, they do some great things and the team is lovely!
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