Food trends for 2019

food trends 2019
Part of what makes this industry so exciting is the fact that pretty much the only thing you can rely on is constant change. Each year, each season even, brings new food trends based on global inspirations, health issues, environmental concerns and a host of other influences.

So what will we be seeing more of over the next 12 months? Veggie and vegan of course, healthy gut foods, meaty mushrooms and creative frozen treats for starters. But also, a lot of the trends we’ve seen over the last couple of years are becoming real lifestyle changes, with veganism becoming still more widespread, and carnivores cutting down. And of course, everything will be as Instagrammable as possible…

Plant-based pandemonium

80% of chefs are planning to feature more vegan/raw dishes on their menus in the next few months, and veggies are getting more love all round, and veggie and vegan dishes are becoming distinctly more ‘meaty’, abandoning the notion of ‘rabbit food’ and all-salad diets.

The ‘Pegan’ diet is also gaining momentum, as a mash-up between vegan and paleo (Pinterest searches for ‘pegan diet’ are up 337%). The focus is on veg, with pulses included, and a small amount of meat is seen as a little extra element, rather than the main event.

Which ties into…

More great quality meat

Probably less of a trend and more of a movement, amazing-quality animal products with clear provenance. And while nose-to-tail is nothing new (have you been to St John or Flank?), we’re already seeing a lot more offal-based dishes around, as consumers get more adventurous and savvy about waste.

Superfoods (again)

Every year’s food trends predicts a new food superhero, and the rising stars for now seem to be those that are good for the gut. Kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut keep your microbiome in tip-top condition, and will be popping up on more and more menus.


With Pinterest searches up 64%, mushrooms are a serious contender for the best meat alternatives, with plenty of juiciness and flavour, and packed full of vitamins and minerals. I’m currently chucking some veggie pesto on mine, and grilling with taleggio – yum!

Frozen delights

We’ve seen rolled ice cream and matcha soft serve, and Whole Foods’ food trends analysis predicts that frozen treats will get even more creative, with avocado popsicles, hummous ice cream and more inspiration from desserts from around the world.

(Hold tight for the lowdown on this year’s Gelato Festival which I’ll be very involved with next year, and which highlights what real Italian gelato is. More info soon!)

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